Personalized Meditations

A guided meditation — personalized for just for you.

The act of meditation is a deeply personal experience. That’s why I am happy to introduce personalized, guided meditations — recorded solely for you! (Or for a loved one!)

Now you can have your very own meditation, curated to go deeper than the standard workshop or class.

These meditations are designed to assist you in elevating your personal practice by speaking directly to YOUR specific needs, blockages and intentions.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some topics we can address during your meditation:

If you're still not sure, I also offer guidance from tarot or the Akashic Records to see what focus would be most beneficial for you. Simply select the option below, in the Pricing + Payment Links section.

Process + Meditation File Details:

Once the payment is made, you will be provided a link to a form to fill out with details for your file. The form also provides an option to provide details for another recipient, if you wish to gift this offering. Note: tarot-guided and Akashic-guided files cannot be provided for a third party, without their consent & involvement.

There is an option to schedule a complimentary call with Sara (approx 15 mins in length) to discuss the details of your file prior to recording. A call is mandatory for an Akashic Record guided topic/theme for your personalized meditation. Tarot guided files can be completed with just the form, and no meeting, however you will receive a PDF file of your cards and interpretation, for confirmation, before recording your meditation file.
Please note: if you indicate in your form that you'd like to schedule a call, Sara will email you within 24 hours of purchase with a calendar booking link.

Your file will be completed within 5-10 business days of purchase, or our call, whichever is later. The final meditation will be one (1) audio file, in .mp3 format, provided via email. The final file will be up to 30 minutes (length is included in customization form). Resale is strictly prohibited.

Pricing + Purchase Links

meditation file with self-selected topic

meditation file with tarot-guided topic

meditation file with akashic record-guided topic

Payment / Booking Details:

The button below will be redirect you to a payment site, via Stripe. (Stripe accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Afterpay/Clearpay payments)

Once your payment has been processed, the confirmation screen will include a link to a customization form to provide details for your recording. If you experience any issues with being redirected to the form, please contact me at:


While meditation does provide many healing benefits, it is not meant as a substitute for medical advice/diagnoses or medication; rather, it can be practiced in complement with your medical practitioner.