Creatively Well | Nourish includes Meditation Practices, Personalized Meditation Tracks, and will soon include Breathing Exercises. Nourish your mind, body, and spirit with these self-serve practices that you can come back to at anytime, as often as you need. 

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The Benefits

☾ Meditation can help you offset imbalances and external impacts to your emotional and physical well-being. In just 10 minutes a day, you can reap the benefits of a mindfulness practice, like more relaxation and calm (and less anxiety). You might even energize your mind and body!

Meditating is a deeply personal experience, so I’m happy to be able to offer personalized meditations. These are all custom recorded, and tailored to your specific needs, based on any information you provide in the submission form.

☾ Breathing exercise has evolved to include many new techniques that focus on the use of breath work as a means of therapy and self-healing. Breath work is more than an exercise of breathing correctly or with intent. Breathing techniques are tools for major transformation and healing. Breath work encompasses a broad range of whole-being therapeutic practices and exercises used to relieve mental, physical, and/or emotional tension.